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Welcome to the Home Page of Minster-on-Sea Parish Council.

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council  is the community’s most accessible tier of local government.  It represents the interests of approximately 17,000 local  residents.  Its members are elected by residents every four years.

Our aim is to keep local residents up to date with the work being done and the decisions being taken on their behalf.  In Minster, we have eleven Members who work voluntarily to ensure that Minster-on-Sea remains a pleasant place to live and work in.

We aim to do this by:-

  • listening to the needs of the community
  • monitoring local services
  • planning for the future
  • making residents views known to the borough and county councils
  • protecting our environment, heritage and boundaries
  • monitoring proposed development
  • supporting activities that bolster the local economy and boost community spirit
  • promoting the parish and its community, locally, nationally and internationally