Minster-on-Sea Parish Council is working hard to introduce ‘Quiet Lanes’ in certain locations in Minster-on-Sea.


Minster-on-Sea Parish Council is working hard to convince Kent Highways Services to introduce a network of ‘Quiet Lanes’ in the parish namely in the locations of Elm Lane, Oak Lane, Plough Road and Bell Farm Lane in Minster.

The Parish Council believes that introducing ‘Quiet Lanes’ in these areas will bring a range of benefits to the community and countryside and improve residents and visitors’ quality of life.

By encouraging drivers to slow down and drive more considerably, ‘Quiet Lanes’ will: –

  • Provide a chance for people to walk, cycle and horse ride in a safer more pleasant, less intimidating environment then presently exists;
  • Widen people’s transport choices where they are encouraged to adopt more greener modes of transport including by bicycle and / or on foot;
  • Reduce the risks of collisions and support measures to tackle the problem of speeding traffic and
  • Protect the character and tranquillity of country lanes.

‘Quiet Lanes’ can also create important transport links for the community. Making Elm Lane for example a ‘Quiet Lane’ will enable drivers to transport their children to local schools in a safer way. It will also help walkers and horse riders travel safely as they enjoy the great outdoors.

To do this, Minster-on-Sea Parish Council needs help from the community. If anyone has any photographs of horse riders / walkers enjoying the open countryside in the areas of Elm Lane, Oak Lane, Plough Road and Bellfarm Lane please get in touch with Trish Codrington the Parish Clerk on (01795) 873831. This photographic evidence will be used to add weight to the Parish Council’s applications. Trish is also seeking testimonials from residents about their own experiences of using these routes.   If you can help, please email her at minsterparish@btinternet.com or write to her at Minster-on-Sea Parish Council, Love Lane, Minster-on-Sea, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2LP