Minster-on-Sea Parish Council thanks Adrian Crowther and Ron Baker …

Outgoing Minster-on-Sea Parish Councillors Ron Baker and Adrian Crowther were presented with Certificates of Appreciation by the Chairman Cllr. Ken Ingleton at a meeting on 20 June 2019 in recognition of their work for the benefit of the Community.

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Adrian Crowther has served on the Parish Council since its formation in 2001 for a period of approximately 14 years. Although elected, he stepped back for one term to save the Council from the cost a contested elected. This was seen as a measure of the man who put the interests of the Council, and the community it served before his own. Adrian also invested heavily in the Parish in his capacity as a Kent County Councillor and Swale Borough Councillor. The gym equipment on The Leas was his idea and he funded the original equipment. He also funded The Glen play equipment and Scrapsgate lighting scheme as well as various other schemes locally. Alongside his many achievements, the Parish Clerk asked for his support of staff to be acknowledged as he always treated staff with respect and supported them.

In response, Adrian said he had learned a lot during his time as a Kent County Councillor, Swale Borough Councillor and Minster-on-Sea Parish Councillor. He said he had enjoyed working alongside the Parish Council’s team members. While he felt a lot had been achieved , he stressed the importance of keeping things moving so that more could be done to benefit the community and wished everyone well in this work.

Ron Baker has served on the Parish Council since 2014 for a period of 5 years during which time he has worked very hard in areas like planning, finance and emergency planning. Here, his attention to detail and wealth of experience in management and marketing and as a Magistrate was very much of benefit to the Council and its committees. Although Ron had no access to funding he could draw on, he contributed to the Councils’ decision-making process on the allocation of its own funding. The Clerk said his skills lay primarily in his ability to be able to form positive one-to-one relationships with parishioners where he was proactive in working with the Parish Council to help them resolve any issues they had.

Ron said he had enjoyed his experience at Minster-on-Sea Parish Council considering it to be good and worthwhile work. He described the Parish Council as “… not being afraid to stand up for the good of the community…” and that as the closest tier of local government to the community, it was, in his view, the most important one as people needed to know where to go to get assistance.

The Parish Council’s thanks to both gentlemen is now on public record and they are both wished every happiness in the future.