Can I request that money is spent in the parish?

Yes, you can do this by contacting the Parish Clerk or your local Councillor.  You can even make the request in person by attending an Ordinary Council Meeting.

Can the Parish Council support local groups?

Yes and in some cases it already does. Interested organisations can apply to the Parish Council's Community Support Fund.  For further information speak to the Parish Clerk.

How do the electors know what is going on?

Members of the public and press are welcome at all council and committee meetings. If any matter has to be discussed that includes the disclosure of confidential information, this is shown on the agenda and a reason is provided as to why the public has to be excluded during that particular discussion.   

How is the precept set?

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council decides annually what the precept should be. It does this by setting a budget that forecasts the expected expenditure, income and reserves. Members then decide what precept needs to be set.  

Tell me about Accountability

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council is held accountable and monitored in many ways.  It undertakes an internal audit each year to check that its systems and finances are run correctly. All invoices and cheques are double-checked and signed off properly.  There is also an external audit which allows a period of time for electors to have access […]

Where does the money come from?

The income of a Parish Council is derived from the parish precept, a tax paid by the householders of the parish and collected on its behalf by the District Council and from any grants it has obtained.