Equal Opportunities Policy


The aim of this policy is to ensure that: all individuals or groups are treated equally and fairly in service delivery and in the employment of the Minster-on-Sea Parish Council regardless of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, creed, colour, race, ethnic origin, nationality or disability.


To achieve the above aims, Minster-on-Sea Parish Council is working towards equality of opportunity for all people in every aspect of activity carried out by the Council. As well as complying with the law, the Council will consider the guidance and good practice recommended by the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity as an employer and as a provider of services.

Set out in the following sections is Minster-on-Sea Parish Council  methods of:

  • identification of responsibilities and expectations
  • implementation of the policy
  • monitoring implementation of the policy

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council will regularly monitor, review and publish its Equal Opportunities Policy and ensure that it continues to meet the Council corporate objectives, legislation, guidance and good practice.


It is the responsibility of staff and users of the facility to understand and follow the guidance set out in this policy. Everyone is expected at all times to work towards: –

  • equal access to service delivery for Minster-on-Sea Parish Council customers;
  • equal treatment of all the Minster-on-Sea Parish Council users.

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council is opposed to all forms of harassment and will give positive support and assistance to victims of racial and/or other harassment.

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council will take seriously any allegations of discrimination or harassment made against staff and investigate them in a thorough and timely manner in accordance with the disciplinary procedure.

Minster-on-Sea Parish Council will also take seriously any allegations of discrimination or harassment made against customers. All claims of harassment will be investigated in a thorough and timely manner, involving other agencies as necessary.


To ensure the effective implementation of this policy, Minster-on-Sea Parish Council will: –

    1. ensure that staff receive Equal Opportunities training;
    2. achieve, maintain and review the objectives for supporting the recruitment and retention of people with disabilities and people from black and minority ethnic communities to the workforce


 To ensure the effectiveness of this policy, Minster-on-Sea Parish Council will: –

  • monitor the composition of nuisance / harassment complaints;
  • monitor equal opportunities in recruitment and the composition of the workforce and staff leaving the organisation;
  • monitor the composition of the members of the Council
  • monitor the equal opportunities practices of our contractors and suppliers.

Policy revised 29 May 2018